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King of King's Beard

The Unforgettable Crown

The Unforgettable Crown

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This 12  piece's ultimate beard care collection -Is  one-of-a-kind set includes our Beard Collection to condition, moisturize and promote a soft, thick-growing beard. Our Beard Balm immediately moisturizes, conditions and repels dandruff while our Smoothing Beard . King of King's Moisturizers beard oil will  keep your beard hydrated. 

This collection  come's with boar's hair Brush make you the best beast you can be, Keeps natural oils and your Beard hair shiny, healthy and clean.  Our Beard Wash is made with the finest ingredients to smooth, moisturize, and clean your beard with healthy hair and skin in mind. While cleaning your beard is essential, so is not stripping the hair of all its nutrients. We provide a beard apron to keep your common area, follow up come to keep your beard untangle. Our Beard Shaping Styling Tool helps you keep the perfect line up follow by our trimmers. 40z Organic beard butter and fresh winter beard oil.

Daily Beard Care Routine

This simple process of applying your beard oil will start your day off on the right track. As you continue to grow and develop your beard, you’ll learn what works best for it. A full range of products will help revitalize, stylize and get you on your way. These are some guidelines and steps you can use to get started.

  1. Apply your beard oil right when you wake up or shower.
  2. Comb out your tangles before you start your day
  3. Apply balm for styling and shaping.
  4. Keep a comb on hand in the office or when you’re out on the town. 
  5. Intermediately apply oil throughout the day.
  6. Prepare or shower before bed to avoid beard bedhead. 

You’re saving a hell of a lot more time now that you’re not shaving. Spreading beard oil through your beard takes only a few seconds. Styling your beard only takes a couple minutes and upkeep throughout the day can be fun. Not to mention you’ll also be adding a great new scent to your repertoire.

Here’s a few things you won’t have to worry about anymore.

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